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Mighty Avengers Call of Duty Clan

lisbon overall
Mighty Avengers Take 1st Place in Overpowering Come From Behind!

Yet another battle hit with connection issues!  During the first day we fought hard to hold onto a position in the top 3 but we managed to capture a last minute node.  With the score double at the end of the night we closed the gap and 1st through 3rd was only a 30 point difference.  On day two we were a bit worried we would be down to two players but MA DemonNarwhal pulled through and we went into battle 3 deep.  Quickly we climbed the ranks to pummel the competition and take 1st place!  All in all we killed it with only 3 players each night!! 

Top Performers

The first day was tough as it seemed we were doomed to 3rd place and we were all thinking of doing anything other than finishing out the clan war.  We stuck it out and I think MA DemonNarwhal showing up the second night was a game changer but KillerDemon30 fought through the frustration of day one and put up some serious wins.  MVP goes to KillerDemon30!  Special thanks to all who participated!! 

mumbai overall
Mighty Avengers Take 2nd Place in Battle for Power!

This was a tough war all the way through not because of opponents but due to storms, power loss, and bad connections.  I have not gotten much feedback on the battle but from what I did receive, this was a frustrating fight.  At on point MA Falcon had to play for MA Moneyy and MA DemonNarwhal was sending his IP packets in via post card so he was lagging so bad it made my Grandpa look like the Flash in comparison.  EzyG0 was a solid performer and hung in through all the frustration.  I'm pleased with how everyone hung in and stuck it out to take 2nd.  

Top Performers

This was a difficult clan war and MA DemonNarwhal, MA Moneyy (MA Falcon), and EzyG0 proved they are real team players through thick and thin!  EzyG0 proved his worth in this outing and is a solid team-mate.  Based on team input, EzyG0 wins the MVP and will take home the $10 XBox card!  Congrats to all!

bogota overall
Mighty Avengers Take  2nd Place in Brutal Battle!

Once again Xbox server were not kind and connection issues killed this clan war.  Random freezing was an added bonus <NOT!>  All in all we fought a very tough battle against 6 other active clans and we held 1st place on a couple occasions.  I am very please with those that participated this go around!  We showed that we are a force to be reckoned with.  I think we can really nail the next clan war with only a couple minor tweaks.  Both days of this engagement kept us fighting till the last minutes of the battle and we came very close to pulling off a first place win. We did lose a couple clan members this go around (Light and Night Illusionz) and hopefully the roster cuts will make us stronger.  Next go round we will take a first plae win!

Top Performers

This was a tough battle but MA DemonNarwhal and MA Falcon proved they are the best trained killers around.   Gamer proved his worth in his first outing and is a great addition to the team.  I was torn about the top award of $10 since KingNeptune1234 only played one day and his brother the second but they proved to be an awesome team.  I'm awarding them with the Xbox card and they can each have $5!  Special thanks to everyone who participated!  I look forward to our next engagement!

copenhagen overall
Mighty Avengers Take  1st Place in Total Slaughter!

I am very pleased with those that participated this go around!  MA Falcon and MA DemonNarwhal proved they have what it takes to lead a squad to victory!  We showed that we are a force to be reckoned with. Not only did they destroy the competition and dominate the battlefield, they also successfully completed several clan raids while fully engaged in the clan war!  My hat is off to all of you for the stellar performance this go around!

Top Performers

This was a great clan war and MA DemonNarwhal and MA Falcon proved they are not only the best trained killers around, they are also solid squad leaders.   MA Moneyy proved his worth in this outing and is a great teammate.  I was once again torn about the top award of $10 since everyone did so great but after taking input from all involved and looking at the leaderboard, the prize goes to MA Falcon!  If I could I'd award all of you a bigger prize, everyone killed it this time!!

paris overall
Mighty Avengers Disappointing 2nd Place...Again

There are a lot of things we can blame for our disappointing 2nd place finish but participation is the key.  We literally lost holding three nodes into the second day by a single win.  Yes, just one more player and we would have had a commanding lead going into the second day.  The One team was plagued with connection issues and that just killed us!  On the second day we were down 3 players and connection issues persisted.  We made a bold move to take 4 nodes and ended up losing all but 1.  It was a disappointing and frustrating 2nd place finish.  The clan as a whole is undergoing some major restructure so let's brace for our next war and go in fresh!

Top Performers

This was a tough battle but MA DemonNarwhal killed it as always.  There realy is no limit to the amount of commotion this guy can cause in the ocean!  Special thanks to everyone who stuck through the battle and fallout that came after.  I look forward to our next engagement!

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