11. Copenhagen, Denmark

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Mighty Avengers Call of Duty Clan

copenhagen overall
Mighty Avengers Take  1st Place in Total Slaughter!

I am very pleased with those that participated this go around!  MA Falcon and MA DemonNarwhal proved they have what it takes to lead a squad to victory!  We showed that we are a force to be reckoned with. Not only did they destroy the competition and dominate the battlefield, they also successfully completed several clan raids while fully engaged in the clan war!  My hat is off to all of you for the stellar performance this go around!

Top Performers

This was a great clan war and MA DemonNarwhal and MA Falcon proved they are not only the best trained killers around, they are also solid squad leaders.   MA Moneyy proved his worth in this outing and is a great teammate.  I was once again torn about the top award of $10 since everyone did so great but after taking input from all involved and looking at the leaderboard, the prize goes to MA Falcon!  If I could I'd award all of you a bigger prize, everyone killed it this time!!

copenhagen participation

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