12. Lisbon, Portugal

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Mighty Avengers Call of Duty Clan

lisbon overall
Mighty Avengers Take 1st Place in Overpowering Come From Behind!

Yet another battle hit with connection issues!  During the first day we fought hard to hold onto a position in the top 3 but we managed to capture a last minute node.  With the score double at the end of the night we closed the gap and 1st through 3rd was only a 30 point difference.  On day two we were a bit worried we would be down to two players but MA DemonNarwhal pulled through and we went into battle 3 deep.  Quickly we climbed the ranks to pummel the competition and take 1st place!  All in all we killed it with only 3 players each night!! 

Top Performers

The first day was tough as it seemed we were doomed to 3rd place and we were all thinking of doing anything other than finishing out the clan war.  We stuck it out and I think MA DemonNarwhal showing up the second night was a game changer but KillerDemon30 fought through the frustration of day one and put up some serious wins.  MVP goes to KillerDemon30!  Special thanks to all who participated!! 

lisbon participation

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