12. Mumbai, India

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Mighty Avengers Call of Duty Clan

mumbai overall
Mighty Avengers Take 2nd Place in Battle for Power!

This was a tough war all the way through not because of opponents but due to storms, power loss, and bad connections.  I have not gotten much feedback on the battle but from what I did receive, this was a frustrating fight.  At on point MA Falcon had to play for MA Moneyy and MA DemonNarwhal was sending his IP packets in via post card so he was lagging so bad it made my Grandpa look like the Flash in comparison.  EzyG0 was a solid performer and hung in through all the frustration.  I'm pleased with how everyone hung in and stuck it out to take 2nd.  

Top Performers

This was a difficult clan war and MA DemonNarwhal, MA Moneyy (MA Falcon), and EzyG0 proved they are real team players through thick and thin!  EzyG0 proved his worth in this outing and is a solid team-mate.  Based on team input, EzyG0 wins the MVP and will take home the $10 XBox card!  Congrats to all!

mumbai participation

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