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Mighty Avengers Call of Duty Clan

montreal overall
Mighty Avengers Smash the Competition - Dominate 1st Place

Avengers  360 squad started off hot on the first night taking a quick lead.  The One squad was plagued with connection issues but powered through.  Avengers managed to lock down 1st place without letting any nodes fall to another team.  The second night was a bit tougher on the 360 squad but the One team was able to pick up the slack and ensure a victory for us all!  All in all it was a great battle and we dominated it!  It was great having two squads going at once and really made a huge difference in capturing nodes.  Keep up the great work!

Top Performers

Special thanks to all who participated!  It was very difficult to identify a top performer this time because so many members contributed!  DemonNarwhal and MA Falcon, you guys are always beasts!  MA Falcon hung in there the second night despite being ill.  Ashekinz stuck in there despite connection issues and frustrations.  All the Lt Commanders kicked butt as well!  From looking over stats, participation and just plain contagious laugh... the top performer goes to MA Ultron (also the most improved)!  GREAT JOB!!  Thank you to all who participated!

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