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Mighty Avengers Call of Duty Clan

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Mighty Avengers Disappointing 2nd Place...Again

There are a lot of things we can blame for our disappointing 2nd place finish but participation is the key.  We literally lost holding three nodes into the second day by a single win.  Yes, just one more player and we would have had a commanding lead going into the second day.  The One team was plagued with connection issues and that just killed us!  On the second day we were down 3 players and connection issues persisted.  We made a bold move to take 4 nodes and ended up losing all but 1.  It was a disappointing and frustrating 2nd place finish.  The clan as a whole is undergoing some major restructure so let's brace for our next war and go in fresh!

Top Performers

This was a tough battle but MA DemonNarwhal killed it as always.  There realy is no limit to the amount of commotion this guy can cause in the ocean!  Special thanks to everyone who stuck through the battle and fallout that came after.  I look forward to our next engagement!

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