Rules and Regulations

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Mighty Avengers Call of Duty Clan

Rules and Regulations

General Rules and Regulations

1.  Treat clan members with respect, all levels.  We have a rank structure to help maintain order and discipline.  This isn't a military academy but during battle we don't need 6 people yelling commands.  Follow the party leaders direction and we will win!

2.  Trash talk that is offensive will not be tolerated.  Everyone likes a good joke and some fun ribbing but don't take it too far.  If you wouldn't say it in front of your family then it's probably not appropriate here.  If you are ever in doubt as to the moral decline of the U.S. then just join a XBox lobby and listen the idiotic trolls with racist/sexist/just plain stupid comments. 

3.  No cheating!  If you use modded lobbies to gain stats and XP or use an aimbot or wallhack, then just keep on moving.  You ruin the game more than Activision and we don't want you here!  Cheating of any kind will not be tolerated (during clan wars and also in regular play; cheating by any member of the clan can jeopardize the entire clans participation in clan wars!

4.  This website and the forums are mandatory for all members.  You must keep up on our current events here.  Being active on this site will help grow a productive, winning clan!

     4.a.  Members are highly encouragedto  participate in any social platform the clan has a presence on.  (Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, etc)

5.  RECRUITS - A recruit is a new member to the clan and is considered a "trial member" until promoted to Private.  As a recruit it is up to you to show us why you will be a valuable member.  Game skills alone will not be enough.

     5.a.  Recruits should accept friend requests from current members and try to join lobbies with other members.

     5.b.  Recruits should participate in the clans social presence (this web page, forums, Twitter, etc).

     5.c.  Recruits can be dismissed from the clan at any time without notice.

6. Members need to have a working mic; exceptions will be made on a case by case basis (i.e. your mic went swimming in a fish tank and you'll have a new one soon).

Clan War & Clan Raid Rules and Regulations

1. Clan war rosters will be determined no later than 48 hours in advance of each clan war.  If you want to be on the active roster you must opt in by posting in the forums - Barracks>Clan Wars>whaterver the current war name is.  If you do not opt in via post you will be benched.

2.  If you opt in for a clan war, you must be active during that clan war and play the necessary game modes to win nodes.  Active = being online and playing to win nodes for approximately 90% of the war.  So if the clan war is two days (8hrs) you need to be playing at least 7.2 hours out of the 8 hour clan war.  If it is a three day war (12hrs) then you need to be playing at least 10.8 hours out of the 12 hour clan war.  On clan war days, be online 15 minutes prior to the start of the war, this allows us to team up and get in game for the early win.  Diamond will be played in 4 hour chunks so being online when you commit is crucial to our success! (special circumstances will be weighed on a case by case basis)

     2.a.  Any changes to your opt in status MUST be posted in our forum under "Barracks", "Clan Wars", and then the appropriate clan war heading prior to the roster lock.Roster locks 24 hours in advance.

     2.b.  Leadership may determine your participation in clan wars based on your past performance, i.e. you may be benched for any infraction of rule 4 or if leadership feel your participation will not benefit the clan as a whole.

3.  Members who regularly opt out of clan wars are subject to benched for the next clan war and potentially may be  demoted in rank and/or eliminated from the clan.

4.  Clan members who opt into a clan war and do not participate are subject to being benched, demoted in rank, and potentially eliminated from the clan.  During clan wars you are expected to play AW to gain target nodes and not be online playing other games.

     4.a.  Members will be benched automatically on the first offense and clan leadership will discuss if further action is necessary.

     4.b.  Members are subject to dismissal on the second offense.  Leadership will determine if you should remain in the clan or not.

     4.c.  Any member's participation that is questionable may result in being benched, demoted in rank. or dismissed from the clan.  Leadership maintains the discretion to dismiss anyone who they feel is not giving 100%

5.  Members need to have the AW companion app installed and working (exeptions can be made on a case by case due to technical issues).

6.  Clan Raids - members who opt into a clan raid MUST play for the entire length of the raid.

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