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Mighty Avengers Call of Duty Clan

montreal overall
Mighty Avengers Come From Behind - Take 1st Place

Avengers  started off hot on the first night taking a quick lead and then the first loss hit us and it was a wall we couldn't break.  We fought between 2nd and 3rd the rest of the night.  Round two, we came in on fire and went supernova!  Only losing 2 or 3 matches all night long, we quickly took first and held it! We dominate when we run full teams and it was good to have support of all who opted in.  Keep up the great work!

Top Performers

Special thanks to DemonNarwhal and TrYHarDz YoUmAd, you guys managed to nail down the most wins for a second war in a row!  Your performance last time got you promoted, this time (after careful thought and consideration) it will net you both a Xbox gift card.  A super special thanks goes out to emersonj05!  Despite being our lone gun on One he managed to rack up an impressive amount of wins, THANK YOU!  emersonj05 is also the only recruit thus far to become a full fledged member!  Congrats to MA JamesII, our newest Lt Commander!  Make sure you check out the latest roster for updates.

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